March 31st, 2003


I wish I was strong enough... support all my friends in the way they need to be. Not monetarily, of course, but emotionally. Too many people have too much stuff to deal with. Too many people are in situations that tug at my heartstrings, if not snapping them all together. I never hesitate to give them whatever they need, but sometimes I worry that it's not enough. That I can or should do more. I just want to take them all in and keep them safe. But that, of course, wouldn't be good for them... nor for me, most likely.

But still. I hate to be a witness to suffering. Especially when it's someone I care about.

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Performance dates update:

-1 The show on April 5th at the Improv Foundry's Newbury Street Location has been cancelled because of a previously scheduled event there. Don't worry, we're back for the rest of the Saturdays in April.

+1 I'll be stepping in for some fun with the Improv Boston folks on Sunday, April 6th for Readings from the Book of Dick (Someone will read sections or show photographs from Dick Clark's Easygoing Guide to Good Grooming, and the assembled multitudes will perform scenes inspired by the readings/pictures).

Have a nice day.

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