April 21st, 2003


Nepal? California? Doesn't matter, I bet it applies to both...


Let’s hope you like the place you are heading for. Because it is too late to turn back now. I tease, of course. Not about being past a point of no return – but about the possibility of not enjoying your destination. Some while ago, you made a wise, brave decision. Ever since, you have stuck to your plan despite difficulties, distractions and doubts. Events this week should bring a bucket load of re-assurance. But then, Pisceans prefer their re-assurance by the cartload. You’ll get enough though, to see you through... as long as you don’t start dreaming up yet more misgivings.

Nepal Preparations!


If you'd like a post card, please EMAIL me your address.

Here's the hitch. I will definitely send them, but last time, only about 2/3s of the ones I sent actually arrived. And some were REALLY late (I went in November, and one wasn't received until February).

Counting down the days
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