April 25th, 2003


Dream Dilemmas

Last night (or early this morning to be more precise) I was having one of those dreams where you're presented with a moral/ethical dilemma. Normally, in those dreams, I proceed how I would if it was really happening, cause I don't realize that I'm dreaming. This time, however, right at the moment of 'decision' the dream kicked over to a lucid dream and I said to myself "Well crap, it's only a dream, who cares?" and I chose in the manner contrary to my normal disposition. This caused anguish for another person in the dream (who was completely fictional, not a dream representation of someone(s) I know).

Now, I'm not feeling guilty over my decision (it was a dream for cripes sake), but I find it interesting that out of all the dreams I have, this one became the lucid one (I've not had a lucid dream in at least ten years) rather than one of the ones where I might get the chance to fly, or have super powers. No, my subconscious lets me choose to be a criminal.

On a lighter note, according to the dream that followed, I (and my mom) will be appearing in the final few episodes of Buffy (she's taking over the part of Joyce), and I have already recorded a LENGTHY interview for the Season 7 DVD.

Too cool (cruel?) for school


Hey guys!

Sorry this is such a last-minute message, but, um, we're going to use your filler for the next week's Saturday! (not tomorrow). We're running the whole strip on Saturday, and I just had a few last minute things to check over with you. first, is it still okay to use the filler? Second, thank you so much for setting it up with copyright notices and all, and would you just like to be credited as Roger and Clay? third, do you want the picture at the bottom included? 4th, do you want a link to any personal site included? 5th, is it okay if Pete mocks it a bit (he does this to all filler artists, it'd be something light-hearted and as it's Pete, probably funny.) i think that's everything, at least I hope so. last minute con prep, gotta love it.

In any case, thanks again for the submission and if you could just let me know the answers to the above bombardment of questions as soon as you can, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks!




Update: For those who are unfamilliar with Sluggy, check it out. My best friend Roger and I did some 'filler' submissions for while Pete (the artist) is on vacation. That's what this is all about. So take a look for our stuff on May 2nd.
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