May 20th, 2003


Don't eat at

That's where we got food poisoning.


So anyway, I'm back, in case you didn't notice. My house is a clutterfest as the 'replacement clay' has moved stuff in. I thought it was just starting while I was gone. But from the looks of it, it's all done. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to manage to pack in between all the other stuff that's now there. But I'll manage. That's why I'm at work today, too. Just didn't want to lay around the house all day looking at everything I need to accomplish in the next month and a half. And there's air conditioning here.

It's weird coming home to your house and having it smell different.

So anyway, I need the name of a good recruiter in the Bay Area, too. So, snap snap! :)

More later, when I'm not so tired.

It's like rocket fuel... for your butt!
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Does anyone know:

a) Where my roommate is
b) Why he deleted Buffy off the TiVo
c) Where he put the video tape he transferred Buffy to
and or
d) How I can stop screaming

UPDATE: All is well, I found the video tape

So I posted...

...something in the Bay Area lj community today asking for information on head hunters:

I'll be moving from Boston to the Bay Area shortly,
and am in need of a good head hunter to help me find work.

Any leads would be appreciated.

One of the replies I got was thus:

Hahahahaa Good luck, there are NO jobs here.
I applied to 300 jobs in 2 months before landing
something decent.

I was sorely tempted to quote their own journal back at them:

May be it just all because I lack drive.
Maybe that's what it really comes down to.

But I figured it wasn't good to start making enemies before I even got there.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr Arrrrrrrrrg

Wow, the stupidity abounds...

So being all nostalgic now that Buffy is over, I went over to to bounce around and the "Download Wallpapers" link caught my attention.

They have images of all the main cast, with their names in the background faintly.

But they got Xander's name wrong. It says Xavier.

You'd think someone would proof read these things.

I'm like cookie dough... and some day, when I want someone to eat me...