May 23rd, 2003


Hooey or not Hooey... that is the question.

So here you are, at the top of a diving board. Way down below you can see what you hope, is a large pool of water. Are you ready to jump? Well, if not, what are you doing up here? You have picked a fine time to decide you don’t much fancy the adventure. Is it possible to shuffle back to the steps and make your way back down? Probably ... but do you really need to make such an undignified retreat? Your doubts and misgivings are only natural. You have, after all, placed yourself in a difficult position. But as long as you now act with courage and clarity, you will yet attain a triumphant result.
Some people say that horoscopes are nothing but bullshit. Perhaps. Perhaps. But if so, they are bullshit that is cunningly crafted to more than occasionally tap into exactly what I'm feeling at that moment. And at those times, it tends to (at the very least) make me think twice about where I am in my head, which generally calms me down.

So believe what you will. I don't take it as gospel, but I don't discredit it completely either.

Definitely not in the same class as Nancy Regan