June 16th, 2003



So the little boss was stunned, but "Okay, let's do what we have to do to get you ready."

And the big boss was like, "Looks like I won't be able to change your mind, so good luck."

That was easy.

Inspired by mr_sarcasm's creativity...

So in college, there was a huge epic story written on 3x5 index cards called Siegfraud. It was the adventures of all us Thespians (no, not lesbians) at Penn State. It was a totally fanciful adventure story about what was going on. If you were cool, you lived, if you were a dork, you got thwacked. The story, all told, was probably a good five inches thick (making it 3x5x5) and was a very very long tale.

And so, in the vein of classic Siegfraud, I have decided to start my own tale chronicling my adventures in Boston, and eventually California. To those of you who show up in here (especially my long fingered roomie), it's supposed to be funny! Please don't kill me.

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