June 25th, 2003


There was a boy... a very strange enchanted boy...

Where has my music gone? Damn! I miss it so much.

Tonight I went to see Janis sing. As always, it was awesome. A little background on me and Janis. As many of you know, I sang Jazz in high school many many years ago. I sang ALOT of Jazz. It was around the time that The Manhattan Transfer released their Vocalese album, and let me tell you, it just grabbed my by the soul and wouldn't let go. I think my first 'idols' were the Manhattan Transfer, of which Janis is a member.

A couple years back, I randomly stumbled on an ad in the paper for a performance at a downtown Jazz club by Moxie: The Women of the Manhattan Transfer. I went with my friend Mel, and we had such a good time we went back two days later for the 'dinner' that went along with the show. It was stupendous.

In March of 2002, Janis was in town and piter_kenobi and I went to see her perform.

And then tonight.

I stood in line like an obedient fanboy and bought a CD for her to autograph, and when I got to the front of the line she looks up at me and says, "I know you. Why do I know you?" I smiled and said, "I've been coming to all your Boston shows." She smiled back and said, "Thank you!"

Do you know how it feels to have one of your childhood idols RECOGNISE you? No, she didn't remember my name, but she knew my face.

I'm still a little high off that.

Next time, I'm totally bagging her, dude. ;)
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