June 28th, 2003


Music Music Music

Tonight I went to a concert with a friend who will be known only as 5FOH*. 5FOH won free tickets and dragged me along to the Fleet Boston Pavilion, which was cool.

The lineup was: The Hot Hot Heat, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fischerspooner, and Iggy Pop.

We missed The Hot Hot Heat, unfortunately, because 5FOH really wanted to see them. So while we waited for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to set up, we went and stood near the water, because it was alot cooler. While standing there, one of my former students spied me, came up, and shook my hand, very happy to see me. Normally, this would be a really cool thing, because I really like all my students. This was a little extra special, though, because this student is one of the morning DJs on my favorite radio station. I've been listening to him for four years, maybe? He showed up in my class two semesters ago, and it was just really cool. On air, he's all surly and shit, but he's really QUITE nice, and VERY funny. So that sort of made my evening before it even got started.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Enh. Not my style of music. Too screamy for me.

Fischerspooner: The music is not bad. They did, however, lip synch everything, and made no attempt at hiding that fact (the lead singer guzzled a whole Bud during one chorus) because the show is "theatrical" according to 5FOH. I'm sorry, but watching their "theatrics" was like being at amateur night at a performance art Goth club. mishak could have put something better together with their fake fog budget alone. It was pompous, arrogant, and if you have to fucking CALL for lighters to be raised for a song, get the fuck off the stage.

Iggy Pop: What is there to say, he rules. Damn cool.

*5FOH= 5 Feet of Hate

Wuh uh oh takin' retards to the zoo...

Not that my nephews are retarded in the slightest, but ever since my mom's phone call this morning that song has been going through my head non-stop.

So tarotchan and I arrive in the Bay Area on the 18th. My mom called to ask if it was okay for the WHOLE FREAKIN FAMILY to come down on the 19th to help us unload the moving truck. :)

They're all really excited that I'm coming home. And if we get the truck unloaded in one day, then we can take the nephews to the San Francisco Zoo on Sunday.

tarotchan, are you ready to deal with my family at the zoo? :D

technocowboy, you and lonespiritwolf2 are welcome to join us too, since you and kellyangel have bonded so well.

Is it July yet?
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