July 9th, 2003


Knees all a quiver...

So U-Haul just confirmed my reservation. I have to pick the truck up in Woburn tomorrow, which isn't as convenient as Medford (like 2 miles down the street) but the guy was really nice, it's a low mileage recently serviced truck, and he's going to give me tips on hooking the trailer up and stuff. So it's all good.

2 days left!


Sometimes I don't get me...

I have a trunk full of SHIT.

Not literally, of course.

But come on, the curtains my mom made for my room my freshman year at Penn State. REALLY now. What the fuck kind of packrat AM I?

It's been a rough day. Getting harder and harder to move. Almost as if the air around me was starting to harden. Then I realized what was going on. When I left State College nearly 6 years ago, the day I left the same thing happened. I slowed to a crawl, and then just sat on the floor in the corner staring out the window while my friends loaded the last hours worth of stuff into the moving truck. That started up today, but I don't have freakin time for it.

Thank goodness it stopped when I realized what was going on... now I just need to get rid of this headache.

Move it Move it Move it!