August 11th, 2003


Tastes like...

The car isn't ready yet. Not only is the transmission kaput, the drive train was about to lock up. They had to send the parts to Sacremento to be drilled out so they could fix it. And unfortunately, we've known the mechanics since they were teenagers, so they're not giving us the runaround. So I'm once again hanging out with the rents for the forseeable future.

Champagne, Beer or Wine
Saturday night was the closing of the current show at the Riverfront. I went down with mom cause as Board President she goes to make sure everything goes smoothly. Well, it didn't. The bartenders didn't show up. So I spent the evening serving drinks to theater patrons and seeing people I'd not seen in like 10 years. It was good.

We were driving home from the store the other day, and both the nephews got lollipops. K spoke up and said "Woo! This is sour!" kellyangel asked H what his tasted like and he replied: Tastes like Robots. That's my new quote of the day.

Bacon... or is that smells?
The brother in law never ceases to amaze me with how much he loves his job as a police dude. It's phenomenal how much this job has turned him into a truely "good person." Not that he wasn't before, but he was young and didn't know where he was going. Now that he's found his life path he's become an awesome human being.

Time to go help fix dinner.

Tastes like TACOS!