August 17th, 2003


Audio Post...

Powered by audblogAudblog post in which I erroneously believe that I'm going back to San Jose. Shortly after posting this, I stopped at a rest area and my car wouldn't start for half an hour. Rather than drive the 205 miles to home, I opted for the 45 miles back to my parent's to get it looked at.

It seems the fates wish me to have an extended reunion with my family...

Hello Neighbor...

When I was fifteen or sixteen, two ladies moved into the house two down from ours. Patty and JoAnn. They were (are still) sisters who had both retired, and they occasionally had their mother stay with them. Now they were both 'well aged' to begin with, and their mom was downright ancient.

I used to do things for them like chop wood, and mow their lawn. Stuff they needed done. I typically didn't want anything for my efforts because they were neighbors, and that's what neighbors do for each other. It's the rule of neighborhoodism or something.

They always insisted, however, that I take at least a LITTLE something for my efforts. And then they always found ways to get me to take other stuff, too. Like remembering my birthday, or shipping stuff off to me at Christmastime while I was in college (and beyond).

So it's been fun to get to see them while I've been at my folks. They both came to Nephew K's first football game, then back to our place for burgers out on the back deck in celebration yesterday.

During the discussion that ensued, the fact that JoAnn was an entertainer during the Korean war came up. She wasn't USO, but she went around Korea and played softball and entertained the troops and stuff. She said she had several trays of slides that she wanted to get scanned into the computer and burned on CD, and she wondered if I could help her get started.

Well, my folks have one of the cool scanners with the slide and photonegative attachments on it, so I offered to take the slides back to San Jose with me (all 720 of them) and scan them in for her.

She brought them over this morning, with a strict admonishment that I was to keep track of all the time I spend working on them so she could pay me. I smiled and nodded, knowing full well I'd make some number up that was much smaller than fact.

Since I'm stuck at my folks (bah!) tonight, I decided to get started early and spent the last hour scanning in the first 20 of the slides. Wow...

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This is going to be a fun assignment.

Through early morning fog I see,
Visions of the things to be,
The pains that are withheld for me,
I realize and I can see...