August 21st, 2003


Take your son to work day...

So I'm sitting here in my mom's classroom today.

I was here for part of the day yesterday, too, but today, mom needed help fixing some computer stuff, so I've been here all morning.

Watching my mom at work is like watching a sitcom. She has a class of 15 special ed kids ranging in age from 18 to 22. She does community college integration and job training for them. Basically teaching them how to survive in the 'real world'. How do you fill out a job application? How do you balance a check book? All the stuff WE needed at that age but never got, ya know?

Anyway, mom has four teacher's aides that work with her, and I've never heard so much laughter out of a group of five women before. They really enjoy their work, and the kids seem to enjoy themselves, too.

Yesterday, I watched the mother unit work with M, one of her kids who is confined to a wheelchair and can't communicate very well. His arms don't work, his legs don't work, and his tongue really doesn't work all that well. But she treats him like any other kid, makes jokes with him, and makes him laugh. And I think that's the brightest part of his day. He laughs alot. Apparently he used to hate coming to school, but he's learning alot, and enjoying himself. Mom turned to me at one point yesterday and said, very deadpan, "There's a whole lot locked inside his head, and he's just FINALLY learning how to express it all." And she was honestly happy that there was communication between the two of them.

Yes, I'm a typical Italian boy, but when I say my mom is a saint, I'm not just being a loyal son. :)


Hey, any of you Bay Area folks who want to go to the Giants game on September 13th with mom's class, let me know ASAP! Tickets are $35.
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Smells like rain...

Maybe it was all the years of living in the city. Maybe it's just different in Massachusetts... but tonight, it smells like rain in Northern California, and I'd forgotten what a beautiful smell it is.

Unfortunately, it's causing me to scrap my plans of floating on my back in the pool and staring at Mars. But hey... there's always another time.