August 25th, 2003


Sometimes the comedy just writes itself...

8:30 AM Wake to news of "One week for part"
9:00 AM Shower
9:30 AM Pack Suitcase, gather 'stuff'
10:00 AM Unload mom's stuff from truck
10:30 AM Call Maaco to tell them that yes, someday I WILL be there
11:00 AM Load stuff into truck. Pack ice chest
11:30 AM Call mechanic to see if car is 'town' drivable so mom won't be stuck without a vehicle. Yes. YAY!
12:00 PM Arrive at mom's school, set up fixed computer, hang out
2:00 PM Leave school with mom, stop at Target, Longs, Safeway
3:30 PM Get call from dad relaying message from mechanic that the part came in and they're putting it in tonight
3:45 PM Leave for San Jose Go back to my parents house until tomorrow morning.

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