September 12th, 2003



Welcome to the suck. I'm spending my day driving some shitbox Toyota around town putting up signs promoting some proposition in the yards of people who requested them. The guy I'm working with is nice and all, but he's a bit scattered. He doesn't want to drive, but doesn't have his glasses, so he can't read the damn map. So we've spent the better part of the morning in a proverbial clusterfuck since the list is organized into Precints, but he's just looking at street names and shouting "We need that one!" and sending us off into the wild paved yonder.

I also ran over a squirrel. That's never happened before, so I'm a wee bummed.

Of course I'm typing this in the brief intervals when my partner here is off putting signs in yards.

I just took charge of the mission however, and am making game plans using the map. YAY!

Lunch soon...