September 22nd, 2003


Using up my Karma Tokens

I've been asking for a lot of good vibes lately, I know, but here's another shout out.

The Mother Unit is going in for surgery on her neck for a ruptured disk today (Monday). If you have a moment, send some 'heal fast' thoughts her way.

I'll be headed up to the homestead on Tuesday night to help take care of her till she's back on her feet again. Since they go through the front to get to her spine, she won't even be able to TALK till Friday, so someone should really be home with her.

Devoted child

I don't think I'd throw them out of bed for eating crackers...

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Yay good vibes!

Mom's out of surgery, the doctor said it went well. It'll be about an hour before dad can get in to see her, but the doctor was "very happy" with how it went.


just yay
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If you've got it, flaunt it...

If you don't... shave it off!

My hair is now about 1/4" long.

After the bleaching to make it blue earlier in the summer, it just wouldn't hold color, and was really damaged and looked shitty. So tonight, I got frustrated and took the hedge trimmers to it.


Rub it... you know you want to.
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