September 29th, 2003


Awwright Bawstoners!

I'm returning to Boston for the weekend to attend the DiBaisley nuptials. I will be making an appearance at komos's Oktoberfest celebration as Lord Mayor (anyone have a funny hat I can wear?).

Are there any special beer requests you have? Anything I should attempt to find? I'll be hitting BevMo tomorrow afternoon.

Returning not-so-triumphantly

Awwwwwwwww yeah!

Ryan Philippe stars as Clay, who travels to Tibet to find his inner self. His friend, Chris (Woody Harrelson), shows up at his door one day needing his help. In a tearful goodbye, he tells his love Justine (Allyson Hannigan) that he has to leave for his mission. Clay is indicted for a crime, but his friends find the missing witness Christina (Jennifer Love Hewitt) to prove his innocence.

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Airport shuttle...


Anyone want my undying gratitude?

Can you drive me to SFO on Wednesday night? I don't need to be there till 8 PM! :D

Or perhaps, can you pick me up on Monday? I get in around 6, but can totally wait until post traffic time for a ride!


Travelin' man
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