October 1st, 2003


Yes... and...

Thank you so much to tarotchan, technocowboy, lonespiritwolf2, missmelysse and fuzzy for coming out to my West Coast Debut tonight.

They can now confirm for you all that I have been saying. I'm a very lucky man. I've fallen into a great big pool of talent, and I've got ALOT to work with. And they're all eager to be worked with, which rules.

The show tonight was probably one of the higher energy shows I've EVER been in. That is, of course, one of the Comedy Sports trademarks. Quick quick quick and high energy. The audience seemed to really enjoy everything. We all had a blast, and I got some great compliments about it.

Some of the folks who'd been in class at Comedy Sports with my castmates came up to me after the show and introduced themselves and said very nice things. But then, after all was over, when we were 'debriefing' after the show, someone said they'd been asked several times by former classmates and folks from other groups, "Where did you FIND him?" That's kinda cool.

I guess I made a pretty good impression.

I'm really looking forward to helping this group find themselves.

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Not Safe for Work

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Has anybody seen my pants?

I owned two pair of jeans when I lived in Massachusetts.

I can't find either.

I don't want to go to "The Land of Eternal Autumn" without long pants to wear.

It's 68 degrees right now.
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