October 4th, 2003


10 Things I learned Tonight...

1) I'm drunk.

2) I'm very happy for Alan and Dot. They will be a marvelous pair for all eternity, and that's a "good thing."

3) I like cigars!

4) There are some fucking fantastic people in Boston.

5) I *ALMOST* regret leaving Boston. But I know where my immediate future lies, and there's no saying that I won't be back someday.

6) I'm hot in a suit.

7) It's easy to make agoodshinkickin cry. Sorry babe! :) Hope you still don't hurt in the morning.

8) I'm sleepy.

9) I'm drunk.

10) I need to brush my teeth.

Thanks to you all...

Aunt Pat passed away this morning. No one expected her to last as long as she did, but you know people in my family-- we're stubborn.

Thanks to everyone who sent good thoughts her way, I'm positive it helped keep her around until all her kids could be with her.

Travel Safely, Pat
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