October 8th, 2003


1, 2, 3, 5...

So as previously stated, I was up early to count cars today.

I had a little computerized box with six buttons on it (well, there were more, but I was only supposed to use six). With those buttons I monitored Northbound and Westbound traffic at the intersection of El Camino Real and Charleston in Palo Alto.

One button in each direction was "the car is going gaily forward". One in each direction was for "the car turned right." And one in each direction was for "the car turned left."

Needless to say, within the first fifteen minutes I was making laser noises and blowing up cars in my mind. If they ran a yellow or red light, the laser coming out of the traffic signal blew them up even harder.

Then I started singing songs about blowing up cars, and destroying Palo Alto's drivers.

It was very manic, almost in a Tangesque (the character, not the LJ user) manner. I think I may have screamed like a monkey at one point.

Unfortunately, I had to be pressing buttons with both hands, so I couldn't fling poo.

Back to count more later this afternoon
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Another reason to like Ratebeer.com

RateBeer & The Youth Vote

RateBeer is mostly young and mostly American and most of this same slice of America are expected NOT to vote in the next election. This is a serious issue and one we at RateBeer can do something about. With serious political issues directly affecting young people like war, the economy and joblessness, I wanted us to do what we can to help spread the message that it's important to have your voice heard. At RateBeer, we're focused on great beer but have a broad enough perspective to understand that there are many policies and issues that affect our industry, personal freedoms and happiness. In promoting a better world for beer and the people who love it, RateBeer is able and willing to post small portal "ads" on several RateBeer pages for organizations promoting the youth vote in America. If you have information on organizations that would benefit from exposure at RateBeer, please forward this information to us using the Feedback? link at the bottom of any page. Thank you!10/8/2003 12:10:12 PM

Jester's Update

Next Show: October 28th @ the Espresso Garden - Halloween theme, check the webpage (tomorrow) for info

Workshops: October 11th @ the Espresso Garden:

10 AM to Noon -- Warm-up Workshop: Everything you need to know to get you started so you can rehearse with us (required for new folks)

1 PM to 3 PM -- The Basics: This is as basic as it gets. It's all about Yes.

The Warm-up Workshop will be taught by everyone (including me). The Basics is all me.

Each workshop is $6, or $10 for both. If you can't spare the $10 right now, check the website (tomorrow) for additional info. We don't want you not to come cause of lack of cash.

Sometime starting in November, we're going to be opening up every other rehearsal to 'folks' who want to come and play with us. There will be no cost for that, but you have to have gone to a Warm-up Workshop before you can come. You won't get as much (read any) special attention at the rehearsals, because it's not a workshop, it's practice.

We'll be offering the Warm-up Workshop on a regular basis soon, and the second half of the day will have a rotating curriculum. This time it's the Basics. We'll also cover Scenework, Characters, and other fun stuff.

Hope that answers folks questions.

Sleep now.