November 17th, 2003


Ho. Ly. Fuck.

My license plates are finally in for my car. This means I have to go get it smog checked and get CA insurance so I can pick up the plates.

Right now, on my MA insurance, I'm paying $96/month 10 months out of the year (no insurance payments for December and January) for full comprehensive insurance on Madeline.

Progressive's online system wants $284/month.

The best "competitive" rate they could find was $199/month from Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

What the fuck is THAT about. Why is there no sign that says "Welcome to California. Please bend over and prepare for an ass fucking from the Department of Motor Vehicles, then from Insurance companies, then from..."

This sucks!

Just a poor white guy

Edit: Okay, maybe I'm wrong. Hey, it happens. It seems the $283 is the quote for six months worth of insurance. Now I need to confirm that.
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