November 19th, 2003


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Go me, it's my birtday!

California Real Estate Exam Results

Congratulations! You Passed the Sales Exam taken on November 13, 2003.
Your license application was printed for mailing on November 18, 2003.
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Which brings up a point...

I've been so busy and stuff lately, I've not done any particularly substantive posts.

So here's my "right now"...

I'm sitting at my desk, scanning slides (yes, still, I've been slacking on this), drinking iced tea, made with loose lemon grass tea that givemethewhip sent me from Nepal last year for Christmas (it makes AWESOME iced tea, ask tarotchan) and noshing on a Valrohna dark bittersweet chocolate bar while listening to classical music as played on the banjo. It's sixty five degrees out, so my window is open, and the fan is pulling air into the room rustling the curtains and making the prayer flags over my head sway back and forth. I can here the rhythmic "glurp glurp" of the bubbler in my new fish tank pushing rocks around as it bubbles beneath them. There are two boxes from on my bed which brought me musical goodness and paint brushes. Downstairs is a big box filled with new beers to try as well as a box from with more paint stuff. On top of the fridge is my first attempt at making yogurt with goat's milk (the prior attempt with cow's milk was good, but not tangy enough for my tastes). And there are pork steaks defrosting on the counter for dinner tomorrow night (tarotchan is going to work her usual cooking magic on them, cause she rocks like that).

All in all, right now is pretty damn good.

Happy guy.
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