December 13th, 2003


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HARDY Perfection Series III, "Air". The Ultimate Spirits Gift.

Each of the "Essential Element" series has been bottled in a magnificent Daum crystal decanter, numbered with proof of authenticity. The origin of the eaux-de-vie that makes this Cognac rare and excellent dates back to the 1870's, the Pre-phylloxera days. Thinking of his family's future, our founder, Antoine Hardy, gathered several different batches. A rare Cognac for those who demand the finest! When perfection is gone, c'est fini, for it can never be duplicated.

The Hardy family decided to bottle a very limited (300 bottles) exceptional edition of this family heirloom. The prestigious house of Daum created a limited number of beautiful signed pieces of art, the Perfection Carafe. ONLY 6 AVAILABLE! Reserve by e-mail today!

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