December 15th, 2003


Dirty little secrets...

I love blue water in my toilet. I'll admit it. I'm a froo froo potty water kinda guy.

I don't quite understand it, really. It's not like I used an abundance of Sani-Johns or Airplane bathrooms as a child. It's not like I'm a uber clean freak who needs to make sure everything is hospital sanitary. I don't care if the blue CLEANS the water or not. It just has to be blue.

No other color would work, either.

So tonight, after a nice soak in the tub after my 4 mile walk/run with Missy, I found myself holding the box with the blue tablet for the toilet in it. And I actually had this conversation with myself:

If you wait to put it in till morning, it'll last longer.

But if you put it in NOW, it'll be all pretty blue when you get up in the morning.

I have a sickness, my friends. And that sickness is blue.

Surfin' with the tidy bowl man...
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