December 25th, 2003


Fear theme presents...

On the Christmas Tree were Bob the Builder candy canes. They boys were allowed to have one this morning, and they ate them with gusto.

So, it really came as no surprise (to me) when Nephew H (the 4 year old) opened up his bottle of bright green Bob the Builder bubble bath and took a huge swig of it.

I wish I'd had the camera. The look on his face was PRICELESS. But, to his credit, he didn't spit it out. He walked around on the verge of tears, unsure what to do.

I took him to the kitchen and lifted his up to the sink so he could spit. Then got him a glass of water to rince his mouth, all the while, trying not to laugh too hard.

Then we all noticed his pants were on backwards. When we pointed this out to him his reply was, "So?"

Rinsing out the mouth of babes...