January 8th, 2004



About 3AM this morning, my fever ALMOST broke. I felt relatively good for about an hour, then the chills and shit set back in.

I didn't sleep very well because I couldn't find the correct combination of pillow/blanket/sheets to keep me at a comfortable temperature.

The headache isn't as bad today as yesterday, which is nice, but I still get dizzy if I move too fast.

The roomie has me 'Quarantined' in my room. If I need something, I call downstairs, or email her, and she brings it up and puts it on a TV tray outside my door, knocks, then runs away. :) It's kinda funny.

I'm at that point in the sick where no matter how many times I brush my teeth, nothing tastes right. Water tastes HORRIBLE, but I keep drinking cause I don't want to get dehydrated.

I snuck downstairs while roomie was out on her walk this morning and nabbed more movies to watch today. If I numb my brain with the idiot box, I don't think about how whiny I should be.


Thanks for all the good wishes.

Patient Zero
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