February 13th, 2004



So I was getting ready for bed, and noticed that my fish tank was looking a bit green... then I realized I'd not seen my placostamus (or however you spell it) for several days... after a thorough search that involved shifting the tank around, I discovered that he'd committed suicide by pinning his head between the heater and the rocks. :<

Poor guy.

Is there a Requiem for a Fish?
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It's not quite Valentine's Day here yet, so I figured it was okay to post about it.

This will not be a "rant" of any sort. If you want a rant, check this out.

It's just another day really. I don't have any long seated resentments. I never got snubbed by my elementary school classmates. Or if I did, I didn't notice. I was happy that I got ANY Valentines. I never paid attention to how many. It was the giving of the cards that was more important to me.

I think some people forget that part. Any holidays dealing with gifts are about the GIVING, not the getting. I guess that's why I get so squeamish when people ask me what I want for birthdays and such. No one HAS to give me anything. If you want to, that's cool, but it should be something meaningful to you, something that will remind me of you. What I "want" is irrelevant. Or it should be.

And as such, I give you all this Valentines Day Gift.


Be safe, be happy. I love you all.

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