February 14th, 2004


Okay, now this is funny...

Especially because it's V-Day.

From TurboTax for the Web:

Future Tax Strategy Adviser

Select all of the changes that may apply to you in 2004. For each of these situation, we've created special Tax Advisers that you can print for easy reference during 2004.

[] Changing your marital status



So I was actually cool with Valentines day coming this year, and me being single for it... but then someone went and made a post which included "Nyah, nyah-nyah NYAH nyah" in it and it just send a hammer speeding through my chest.

I understand that it's shitty of single people to make un-single people feel bad because they're attached this one day a year. It's totally is shitty. That's why I don't do it. *I* actually celebrate my friends good fortune today. But why is it okay to make me feel like shit because you can't go be happy and ignore the assholes of the world? Because that's exactly what "Nyah, nyah-nyah NYAH nyah" does. Yeah, I know that it's meant as a joke, and that it's supposed to be funny. But today, to me, a man who's woken up alone for over 10 years, it's not funny. Not one bit.

This post edited to remove excessive use of 'fuck off'
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