February 24th, 2004


Strange things are afoot at the Circle Klae...

You may notice a new (yet strangely familliar) name on your friends list. Yes, in honor of today, I have changed my user name from Ta Chuang to Da Zhuang. It means the same thing:

Da is great. Zhuang means strength. Many translate Da Zhuang as The Power of the Great, or just Great Strength. The name consists of two ideographs. The first one, da, looks like a person standing upright with arms and legs wide open. The attribute of greatness was associated with Heaven, Earth, and human beings.

The second ideograph, zhuang, consists of two parts. On the left is an ideograph from antiquity. It looks like a weapon. In ancient times a weapon was made of bamboo or wood. On the right is another ideograph, shi. in ancient times shi was the lowest class of feudal subordinate. Later on, it came to represent an intellectual. At the very beginning, people of robust strength were selected as guards to protect the royalty. They were as stout and strong as the trunks of trees. The ideograph employs a picture of a strong man with arms stretching out like a cross standing on the ground. When these two pictures are put together, zhuang has the meaning of strength.

Things cannot retreat forever. Thus, after Retreat, Great Strength follows.

Da Zhuang is a more accurate spelling of the pronunciation of the words, and I like the flow of it better. It's also a fresh start without really being a change. And besides, Da Zhuang sounds less like "Touch Wang" when you say it out loud. ;)

Also, in honor of today, I have redesigned ObeyYour.tv for your viewing pleasure. No more stupid splash page, better updates and flow-- It's all done in PHP thanks to the wonderful melibabe. She got me started learning it, and I've been learning alot. It's fun, and it's DYNAMIC!

I hope everyone has a fantabulous Tuesday.

Great Strength
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