March 4th, 2004


Getting closer...

One of my students is in an Improv class in LA with the actress who played Kennedy on Buffy.


If I stick out my tongue a little farther, I'll be able to taste the fame...

Bright lights, big city...

The drive up 280 was probably the second most awesome drive I've EVER had. There were storm clouds struggling to make it over the coastal mountains as the sun set, painting the green hills a dusky gold while the sky bled orange and purple. Layer of mountains and clouds shifted back and forth taking turns hiding each other while electric gold rays of sunshine pierced both in some places.

And then I came around a bend and all of San Francisco was layed out before me, glowing with the magic that only dusk can bring. The buildings still glowed faintly with reflected light, and the windows glowed the color of soft white fluorescence filtered through tinted glass. It was magical. Reminded me very much of home Boston.

Took forever to find parking. Surprise. The theater was really cool. Converted office space. The show was fun. And it was a PAID show! Of course, the pay was a cut of the door take, and our audience was sort of slow, so I traded in my check for a beer and hung out with folks a little bit afterwards. Nice people, good skills, fun to work with. Hopefully I'll get to do it again soon.