March 5th, 2004

sock puppet klae


So, do I look enough like Terry Gilliam to audition for this?

Of course I had to go and buzz off all my hair again... :P
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Thoughts on Project Day

I want every day of my life to be like that. Taking pictures, writing words, painting... CREATING.

The world we have built where we have debt and have to work it off like some sort of indentured servant is bullshit. Where is my patron? Someone who recognizes that spark and helps me to bring it to full blaze. Why can't things be simple? Why must there be responsibility and obligation?

I want to make magic, and yet the world conspires to stop me.

Well fuck you world. I won't stop. I refuse to give up.

Fear my potential

Portfolio Building

So hey, Live Journal Friends!

I'm looking to build my 'web design' portfolio up, and as such, I'm willing to do site designs for folks who want them on the "WAY CHEAP" in terms of cost. Personal, business, big, small, whatever...

So if you know anyone who's interested, toss them my contact info.

I'd rather not do porn sites, but hey, if it pays...