March 19th, 2004


Altered States

Last night I soaked in an epsom salts bath before I went to bed. Now, as we all know, bath tubs are quite small, and I'm not a tiny person. Cripes, if I stand up straight I'm six feet tall.

Well, somehow last night, I found a sort of Zen-like pose that allowed me to slip down into the tub so that my ears and most of my torso were under water. Then I spent a decent amount of time (I'm not exactly sure how long) listening to the sound of my own breathing, and the beating of my heart between breaths. It was like someone cleaned the chalkboard of my mind with a wet sponge instead of just erasing. There was a new, clean feeling left behind, not only of body, but of mind.

Dreams were deep and active and vivid. And about me being on the high school basketball team. Uhh... okay.

Must listen to my heart more.