April 21st, 2004



Hey, can anyone out there videotape/TiVo today's Screen Savers on Tech TV for me? Wil Wheaton is going to be the guest, and I'll be in the audience! :D

Someone who doesn't get TechTV

< fanboy > A visit with Uncle Willie...

I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow morning to tape an episode of Call For Help, and also to appear on The Screen Savers. TSS will be live, CFH will air at some undisclosed time in the Mysterious Future.

"Well shit, Wil! Much notice there?" I yelled at the computer screen. After a moment I glanced around to make sure there was really no one in the house to notice me yelling. There wasn't, of course. So I posted a similar comment on Wheaton's website, then bounced over to the TechTV website.

You can email in for tickets from their site. You give them your name, email, phone number, and availability.

"4/21 (I'd like to get in to see Wil Wheaton if there are seats left)" was my reply for availability.

And then I went to bed.

This morning, about 10:30, my phone rang.

"Is Clay there?" said a friendly lady's voice.

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