May 5th, 2004


Tuesday-- great day!

God bless the Angels of Making Kids Do Things Together.

Today was a MUCH less individualistic day, so there were several small groups that did things. Each of the Chaperones got some time to themselves. I swam, and read, and wandered the ship. But I found myself back with the charges before my time was up. Guess I'm a sucker.

One of our kids, M, played in Carnival Survivor yesterday, and made it through the 'voting offs' to todays continuation of the game. He ended up taking second place and got a shitload of great prizes! And everyone who lost was a great sport about losing to a kid with Downs Syndrome. All over the ship, people are congratulating him. Mom's afraid his head is going to get so big it won't fit in his graduation cap. :)

I played shuffleboard for the first time today. My roommate J and I (he's mildly autistic) were challenged by some old guy and his grandson. We kicked their asses... well, actually, J kicked their asses. He scored at LEAST twice as many points as I did, if not more.

For the second time in my life, I got to watch the sun flash green as it sank into the sea. This time I got it on video, though. I just hope it turns out okay. After we all watched the sun set, we rounded to the other side of the ship to head in for dinner and saw the full moon had just risen. It was HUGE and orange floating over the ocean. It was quite quite awesome.

Heh, I'm dropping into my "let's write email for all the parents" mode. Mom's assigned me that task since I've got the laptop.

Anyway, today was a great day-- much better than yesterday. And yesterday wasn't all that bad.

Tomorrow is Puerto Vallarta. Should be fun. Hope I see Charo.

The guy taking lots of pictures of the kids

Ruminations over the bow of the ship

Actual time: 12:25 AM, shortly after posting my previous post.

I decided to take a walk instead of going back to the room. I've found myself up on Deck 9 (the Lido deck) at the bow end of the deck, looking out over the prow of the sip at the horizon. The moonlight has given the nighttime sky a greyblue tinge in comparison to the deep thoughtfull blue of the ocean. I've never seen water this dark or this blue before (even in the daylight).

The nearly full moon is almost directly over head. Mars is off to my right.

The breeze is gentle, surprising, since I'm at the front of the ship, and it's warm. Very warm. I can barely hear the sound of the waves, and when I lean forward so the light from the laptop doesn't bother my eyes, I can just see the surface of the ocean nundulating gently. No swells or chop. No whiteheads, just a pulsating movement. The ripples of life right there before me.

The strangest thing about being on a ship is the fact that sometimes the ground beneath your feet isn't exactly where it's supposed to be. Sometimes it's just a milimeter off, but your body instinctively knows, and when it doesn't find what it thinks it's supposed to find, it gets minorly disturbed. It's like being a little drunk, but without the "WOO HOO! I'M DRUNK!" part.

It frustrates me that the prow of the sip is reserved for the rich folks. I want to go down there so I can yell "I'm the king of the world!" Yes, yes, it's trite and overdone, but hey, it's the prow of a fucking ship! What else do you yell except "FIRE! PREPARE TO BOARD! TAKE NO PRISONERS!" That could freak some people out. Seriously.

I'm standing now, and the wind is a bit stronger, but still warm. It carries a tang of salt that stings my nose just a little bit.

There are little whisps of cloud catching the moonlight, and I can see the blinking lights of SOMETHING right on the horizon.

This is good.

Thank you ocean, for keeping me safe. Thank you sky, for keeping me warm. Thank you moon, for shining on my head. Thank you ship, for taking me towards adventure. Thank you friends, for being there even when I'm not home.

Over the sea... over the sea... everything's better, don't need a sweater over the sea...

Cinqo de Mayo in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta was ALOT of fun. We wandered around with the kids. I finally broke out the big camera and took lots of pictures.

Sunrise coming into the harbor this morning was AMAZINGLY beautiful. Last night, after I finished that last entry, I turned to walk back towards the elevators and just happened to look up to see an albatross materialize out of the night sky. It hung, almost suspended above the ship. Now, of course it feels like we're not moving, so the bird just seemed to hang there swaying slowly back and forth, and ever so slightly falling behind. Then it would bank upwards, fade out of the lights from the ship, and return moments later, all caught up.

I'm not sure if the two birds I saw last night escorted us all the way in to the harbor this morning or not, but they were the first thing I saw this when I ran up on deck to catch sunrise pictures.

Finally, hazlenut creme brulee. Enough said.

Having sympathy pains for the mother-- her neck is acting up again.
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