May 19th, 2004



A potential employer wants to see my college transcripts and/or a copy of my diploma.

Hey, its a job, so I'll comply, but damn if I don't feel mildly insulted.


Hey Geek Friends!

Is there such a thing as a company that will just host applications over the net for you?  Like databases, file management and calendar stuff?

If so, how does one find one?

Asking for a friend

Sometimes life sucks so hard you just have to laugh...

So I go to print resume's today... my printer is dead.  Yes, the little plastic jobbie that connects the print head to the little toothy rubberband that makes it move back and forth snapped off.  SNAP!

So I picked up a $35 replacement printer at Target that uses the same cartriges.  But still... ya gotta laugh.

On a positive note, my car is damn sexy.

Looking up to see the curb
sock puppet klae

The best of the best...

So hey, folks.  I'm going to start trying to submit photos to contests and such, and I'd really like people's opinions on which ones are better than others.

If you have some time to kill, the Boston, California and Mexico galleries still have open voting... you only need vote on the ones that you think are great, even though there are three "voting options".

Thanks for the assist.

Picture guy