May 25th, 2004



Last night I found a secret room in my house, where tarotchan had put a bunch of her very small family pictures, her carousel thing for drying her unmentionables, and her collection of Fantasia figurines (and there were alot of them). It's sort of a sun room with lots of windows. There was also a very nice view of the beach. The door is sort of where the bookcases in the office section of the living room are.

Yes, of course I was dreaming. But I was ticked, cause it was a NICE room for paining in cause of all of the light and the beach room. The least she could have done was TELL me about it. ;)

Sun roomy dreamer and a... homecoming queeeEEEEEn

Recouperated... mostly

So haloedone came to visit last weekend, and as I usually do with guests, I overexert myself having fun.

Because of stupid mid-west weather patterns, her arrival time of 9:45 PM on Friday got bumped back to 2:24 AM on Saturday.  But we made it home safe and sound, and were up bright and early to meet lonespiritwolf2 and technocowboy for a trip to The City.  Krispy Kreme was mandated, of course, wherein we were plagued by a swarm of those really fucking ugly, boxy Scion car things.  At least I think that's what they were called.

Seriously, I can understand Saturn lovers getting together cause they're all sorta cultish. I can understand Miata lovers getting together, cause Miatas are cool. I can understand classic car owners getting together, cause they have classic cars for jeebus' sake!  But "Hey, let's get together and celebrate the fact that we own the ugliest, stupidist, most retarded car ever!" makes no sense to me.  Unless it's a support group.  THAT would explain it.

ANYWAY, The City was fun.  Except for Alcatraz being sold out.  Buttheads.  They should have saved us tickets.  So we lunched at the Hard Rock, then wandered the waterfront for a while, hitting the Aquarium of the Bay (which is nice, but not the BEST Aquarium I've been to).  lonespiritwolf2 made a new friend.

We hit Ghiradelli (or however the hell you spell it) Square for ice cream, and my tummy mostly survived.  HOORAY!  Then we took the "F Train" to The Castro.  How's that for innuendo?

The guys went off to a birthday dinner, and haloedone and I hit Rogue Nation for dinner and beer, then dragged our sleepy selves home.

Sunday was much more relaxed.  Brunch, Shrek 2 (which is fucking PAINFULLY funny), then bopping around the mall till Jesters rehearsal.

We got haloedone off to the airport early on Monday, and she made it home safely.

The End

Coming in 2005: haloedone Potter and the Prisoner of Alcatraz