June 7th, 2004



The sky was that perfect, unblemished, powder blue.  The sun glared slightly off Madeline's white hood, but not so much that I had to squint.  The wind ruffled my hair and made the deep green of the trees sway back and forth as if they were waving to me as I passed.

On the passenger seat of my car were letters from two friends.  Both were unexpected, and both made me giggle upon reading them.  Next to the letters was a flat of strawberries.

I reached over blindly and lifted one gingerly towards my face. As it entered my field of vision, I marveled at the perfection of the red that covered it, marred only by tiny green-yellow seeds.  I brought it to my mouth, and my lips parted. My teeth pushed gently through the flesh, and a surge of sweetness danced over my tongue-- the sweetness that only comes about when the berry is at it's perfect ripeness.

As I savored that flavor, I realized that no matter how bad things are, there can still be moments of perfect happiness.  This was one of them.

Caught in the afterglow
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For those not in the know...

Tonight at 10PM Pacific time, Venus starts its transit across the face of the sun.  You can watch the live webcast from Greece if you're interested.

East coast folks, don't feel left out.  It starts coming OUT of the glare of the sun around 7AM your time, so theres a web cast of that end, too.

The last time this happened was in 1882, so there's no one currently alive who has witnessed it.

For more information, visit "Venus Transit 2004"

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