July 7th, 2004


Welcome to my rant

I feel totally worthless.

I know I do alot of amazing shit, but working miracles doesn't pay the bills in this day and age.

I am the court magician/alchemist who has no court.  And yet I keep puttering away trying to turn lead into gold... for who?  Why, for myself of course.  Because if I can do it, then I don't need a court.  But without a court, I have to spend my days begging for alms instead of working on turning lead into gold.

And now I get to switch corners.

Who knew beggars had so much clutter.

I guess in the past I've always been lucky.  Jobs have fallen into my lap.  Jobs that were exactly what I needed at the time.

I just have trouble believing that unemployment is what I need right now.

It's tempting to put a "Save Clay's Shit" Paypal button on my webpage and see if I can make as much money as that Karen chick, or whomever she was.  Granted, I'm not a hot co-ed, so the odds of that actually working are slim to none.

Why didn't someone punch me in the nuts when I started talking about leaving Boston?

< /rant>
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