July 9th, 2004


State of the Union

I know I've been posting alot of 'blah' news of late.  There *IS* good news, I've just been keeping it to myself.  My own little treasures of happiness to hold on to, ya know?

Thanks to the hookup fromwildpaletz, I got to do the 4 day study at NASA.  I essentially played a video game for four days and got paid for it.  The group I was in turned out to be an AMAZING bunch of people.  I was joined by a guy who designs uber-complex solar electric systems for people's homes (he's also a pilot), a musician who works with nature sounds (she records glaciers and stuff like that) and who's also been to Nepal, and a woman who studies pure mathematics.  It was a very diverse, yet very cool group to get to hang with for four days.  Muey fun was had by all.  If anyone else can spare 4 consecutive days, it's a pretty cool study, and the research team is REALLY nice.

13th_artist came over the other night to help me pack, which was cool.  Good hanging out time was had, as well as quality packing time.

technocowboy has been helping me work on some faux-stained glass windows for the set for my dad's show in September.  THAT's been a helluva lotta fun, too.  If you want to see how they're turning out, check here and here.

esmerel was a goddess and dropped off a bunch of boxes for me yesterday, which is a huge lifesaver.

skygoodwill is punching me in the head and cheering me up when I need it.

sisterthemoon randomly showed up at my door the other day to drop off a hug.

melibabe is keeping me up to date on the Stargate News (PREMIER TONIGHT!!).

missmelysse bought me some TASTY Starbucks when I went to help her take pictures of her house for sale the other day.

kellyangel, G-man and the nephews are coming down on Sunday to help me move some big stuff over to esmerel and merlinofchaos's place. technocowboy had volunteered his and lonespiritwolf2's help as well.

And my dad has asked me to hang some of my photographs in the gallery at the theater during the run of his show.  My first gallery exhibition!  WOO!

So see, even though I dwell on the craptacular, it's not ALL craptacular.

Job?  Job, where are you?  What Lassie?  Job fell in the well?!  Go get help!!!

For Free

I've got bookcases.  Several.  I won't have room for them, and it's not worth storing them for who knows how long.

Who wants them?

3@ 2'6"w x 1'd x 6'h
2@ 2'w x 9"d x 5'h
1@ 2'w x 9"d x 3'8"h

You need to come get them... soon. :)