July 10th, 2004



Two end tables and a coffee table.  If you've been to my place, you've seen them.  They're wood.  Brown.  Not too bad.  Could probably use refinishing, but they're totally usable as they are.

No one has claimed the bookcases yet either.

Furniture Axe-Man
sock puppet klae


So I went in to take the Appraiser I test for the County of Santa Clara today.

I got there 15 minutes early.  The test was supposed to be 2 hours long.  You could only put 2 hours worth of quarters into the parking meter.

"Self, surely you'll finish 15 minutes early."

So I fed the meter and went in.  Or not. They didn't even open the doors until the time they told us to be there.  We didn't get STARTED until 35 minutes later.

The test itself was pretty simple. Algebra, Geometry, Reading Comprehension and some "What makes a good report" questions.

I ended up finishing VERY close to the time when my meter was supposed to be running out, so I turned in my test and walked to my car.  When I got there, I had exactly 1 minute left on the meter.  As I pulled out of the spot it flipped over to expired.

Now I'm home, and packing again.

Migrant non-worker

Sighs of relief

For the first time in quite some time I'm not regretting the fact that I drove out of Boston about 8 hours shy of 1 year ago.  There is sunshine.  There will be sunshine.  I can hear my wings laugh again.

Thank you.  You know who you are.

Silencing the screams ringing in my head
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