July 17th, 2004


Okay, think for me...

Describe a challenging situation or case in which you have been involved that best demonstrates your knowledge and abilities in forensic science OR describe an achievement which demonstrates your ability to solve technical problems. Be specific as to the degree to which your own initiative and personal effort contributed to the achievements described.

The kind of calls you LIKE waking up to...

Call #1: Melissa called from Vermont to tell me she found me two bottles of Chaotic Chemistry and two bottles of Thumbsucker, both from Magic Hat.  Even though she refuses to give them to me until I make a trip to Boston, it was good news to get!

Call #2: piter_kenobi called to ask for some help with some improv games he wanted to use for his auditions for Noises Off today, so that was a great call, too. 

So it's a good start to the day.  Now I'm off to finish moving/cleaning (yes, still).

Mover / shaker cleaner