July 18th, 2004



There's only one thing left in the old place, and it's getting picked up in the morning.  Everything is clean.  Everything smells like Clorox.  I am exhausted.

Special thanks go out to technocowboy, who went above and beyond the call of duty helping me.  I know it's only because I promised him a job as my personal assistant some day, but still.  He's a good worker. :)

Also, mucho thanks to lonespiritwolf2 who actually helped after doing an 8 hour day at work plus some ungodly commute.  He da best.

esmerel and merlinofchaos get props for unloading assistance on the home end. BOO YEAH!  And for hand delivering beer transportation devices.

And finally, kellyangel and G-Man.

So tired.  So tired.

Did I mention I was tired?