July 20th, 2004



And here I am.

The entire last year of nothing has been shed like an old skin.  I have retained that which has made me grow, and the old and useless has been sloughed off like so many dead cells.

It's interesting trying to insinuate yourself into the lives of people who have already established themselves in a space.  I desperately want to not disrupt what's there, but just as desperately I want a little corner of my own.  My hosts have allowed me that, which is awesome, and so there is a bit of "Klae Space" outside of the bedroom, and that's where I sit now.  It even has a window.

The actual owners of the house, the cats, are also allowing me some comfort.  As I dropped onto the couch yesterday after shifting boxes and other things around, the more reclusive of the two came up to me of his own volition and rubbed up against my legs.  I think, perhaps, he thought I was one of his man-pets since, after one rub, he stopped and stared at me like he'd just farted in church.  Whoops.

Everything I own is currently encased in cardboard, excluding the TV, TiVo and computers.  My beer cellar is sitting in a pile at my right elbow as we speak.  I desperately need about $1500 for a good wine fridge. :)

Other things in life are.  They just are at the moment.  I'm applying for every job I might even be VAGUELY qualified for.  The most interesting of which is with the county Sherrif's department as a Criminologist.  I don't know how well I'd stomach it, but... hey, if it's money coming in, right?

I've got to sit down and figure out which pictures are going into the show in September, and then find somewhere to have them printed, and then pick matte colors, and then...

I've got to work on the site for the Sketch group I'm working with.  Hey, did I mention I'm working with a sketch comedy group?  More info as the website goes live, of course, but we film sketches for web and TV broadcast.  It's not high quality stuff (right now) but it's alot of fun, and it's some good writing experience.

But anyhoo, that's my current update.  More as I settle into the new digs.

The Accidental Houseguest