July 23rd, 2004

sock puppet klae

Propagating the hatred...

So I spent today at the Padres/Giants game. It was cool. The mother unit and the nephews were there. There were also about 100 kids from the YMCA summer camp, and about 5 Padres fans sitting near us.

Every time the Padres would do something good, the Padres fans would stand up and wave their San Diego hats. There was this one YMCA kid behind us who was maybe 11 or 12, and every time that happened, the kid would stand up, start pointing and yelling, "Hey Buddy, how many games have you guys won? You better sit down! You better sit down!!"

He will grow up to be one of those soccer dads who strangles someone. I can tell already.

He ended the day by shouting "SUCK IT!" at the Padres fans, at which point the mother unit turned around to the chaperon (who was sitting not 5 seats away) and said "That kid has a filthy mouth." Said kid got a bit of a talking to as they left.