July 29th, 2004


Go Da_Zhuang! It's yer birtday! Do your duty! Shake your booty!

Who got the TV gig?  *I* got the TV gig!!

Awwwwwwwwwwww yeah!

::insert pelvic thrusting and other gratuitous overly sexual motions here::

Still can't talk about it in detail, really.  But it's a half day thing where I get to improv.  I'm not a major character, just 'flavor' for a specific event.  It will air on national cable TV.  I get $100.  Thanks for the good karma!!

Whose house?  Klae's house!

Fun with TV

Per evilmagnus' suggestion, please feel free to play "Guess the TV show."

His example:

"I think it's in a daily soap. General Hospital? Klae guests as Dr. Bludengutz, a visiting surgeon from Bad Beerenstein, Germany. His unothodox proceedures shock and dismay the staff, leading to a startling revelation!"

Be funny.  I know you all can.

Dance dance dance dancin' machine