August 17th, 2004



Oddly, today is the day that I decided "Tomorrow I will buy my ticket to Burning Man."

And this is tomorrow's horoscope:

Plenty of people live in a concrete world. They surround themselves in bricks and steel. And they have lifestyles every bit as structured and as solid. They like everything to be labelled. They like plans and strategies, commitments and categories. They even try to imply that more flexible folk are somehow failing in their fondness for fluidity. There is nothing wrong, though, in your desire to be open and to learn. As for the powerful attraction that you now feel towards 'nature in the raw,' that's something you should definitely nurture. Get out on your adventure.

Did I mention to y'all that I was considering going to Burning Man?  Likely not.

So hey!  I'm going to Burning Man.  I'll have seven days in the desert with 13th_artist and failbig and about 30,000 other hippies, bohemians and other assorted artsy folk.  I really wasn't sure if it was something I'd enjoy at first, but the more I read over the Burning Man Website to see what they were all about, the more I thought that it would be not only a great photography experience, but a great overall experience.

So hey!  I'm going to Burning Man!

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