August 23rd, 2004


Upses and Downses...

Today started off very well, with me waking up of my own accord relatively early without an alarm.  I spoke to the sister unit about her business website and the nephew's first day of school.  Then I got a phone message from 13th_artist about our friend Missy, who had decided to bring forth her child into the world today.

On the down side, all the awesomely sized Clone High avi files I found are causing craptastic issues when I try to download them.  See, they're only available through Bittorrent type servers, which means as you're downloading them, you're also serving what you have to OTHER folks at the same time.  This was causing bandwidth issues on the homefront, so I'm rethinking how I'm going to get ahold of them.

On the up side, 13th_artist, technocowboy, and I went to see Missy at the hospital.  This is the closest I've ever been to a woman in labor before, and I felt UTTERLY helpless while she had contractions.  We couldn't make her laugh, she didn't want to be touched.  I had a desperate need to find a way to console her somehow.

On the down side, Madeline took a steel truck bumper to the front right part of her nose.  The damage is all cosmetic, although she does have a gimpy right eye now.  DOH!  Insurance will be contacted tomorrow.  Thank goodness for collision and comprehensive, eh?

On the up side, I got my Collapse )

Another up was the kickass bar-be-que'd chicken merlinofchaos made for dinner.  My tummy is happy.

Looking forward to tomorrow...