September 1st, 2004



The best thing about having nephews?

Stealing their "Squeez-n-go Portable Pudding" when they're not home.

Pudding theif

[EDIT] Except when it's strawberry pudding. Ug. Serves me right.

Because I rock...

To: Klae & Shaun
From: TV Show Producer

I just watched some of the footage of your performance and I am thrilled!  You did a wonderful job!  And everyone reported that you were absolutely fantastic to work with.  Thank you thank you thank you. It’s hard to cast over the phone – you guys really delivered.  I hope you had fun. 

I’m sure our improv paths will cross in the future.  Take it easy – b

Ps – if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call. 
someone will call to tell you when the episode will air.