September 10th, 2004


I am so PIMP!

So Enterprise Rent-A-Car was about 20 minutes late picking me up this morning, but that's okay, cause they showed up in a Black Benz and I felt like hot shit.

So I get to the place (which is about 2 miles away) and the guy tries to get me to upgrade to a Benz for only $10 more per day.  I seriously considered it, but passed.  Still, $29.99 a day for a Benz...

So then he goes into the back for a few minutes and comes out and says, "Well, we have no economy cars left, so we're going to have to give you a Benz at the $19.99 a day rate."  So I've got me a white Mercedes Benz with brown leather interior for the weekend. 

I am so sexy it hurts.

Off to my photoshow...

Ups and downs and goods and bads

Made it to Redding okay. Unfortunately things aren't well here at the moment.

Naikai's lymph nodes in her throat are so swollen that she's having trouble breathing. It looks like one in her thigh burst because her foot is swollen. She didn't look like she'd make it through the weekend, so mom decided to bring her in to the vet's.

Naikai is the first pet I've had that I've gotten to actually say goodbye to. And it sucks. But she's miserable right now, so this is what's best for her. Mom's a wreck. Kelly went with her to the vet's while I watch the nephews.

She'll be creamated and burried out on the island on the pond with the other pet who are pining for the fjords.

I'm sad.

Be well, Naikai, and know you are loved.
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