September 20th, 2004


So where the fuck have I been?!

Some of you might ask that... perhaps.  Some of you may not even have noticed I've not posted anything but a birthday greeting in the last few days...

Well, Saturday afternoon, merlinofchaos dragged esmerel's brother over to my desk and said "Hey, can you help Andrew with the logo for his band's website?  It's really anti aliased."  I said sure, Andrew said sure, and we sat down.

I've been sitting here pretty much ever since except for food, pee and sleep breaks.

The result is probably the coolest website design I've done yet (in my opinion). 

merlinofchaos and esmerel have been providing AWESOME advice, and CSS help so that we could get the thing to work not only in IE, but in Firefox as well.  And honestly, I'm pretty damn proud of this thing.  And the best part is that it's for a friend who makes some pretty damn good music.

So go... go check it out. And listen to their music. 

And hey, dirtymikesell!  They're a Sacramento band.  You need to go check them out.

Design Guy

Car update: Still don't have it back. Maybe tomorrow.
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