October 5th, 2004


Feeling sorta useful...

One of the worst things about job hunting isn't being told 'no thanks' or even 'no' really.  It's not being told anything at all.

Sending out three to twelve resumes a day and hearing crickets chirp in reply -- THAT is sucktastic to the greatest degree.

And so I immerse myself in "stuff" to keep my mind off of the responses I'm not getting.  The comedy stuff, doing website designs, cleaning the house, burning my old improv shows to DVD-- these things keep my spirits up in what would otherwise be a rather difficult situation.

I have phenomenal friends.  They know how to make me smile when I'm having trouble seeing my way through the funk.  They buy me Little Debbie Pumpkin delights. They compliment my work so that I DON'T feel like the lack of responses is actually reflecting my capabilities accurately.

The other night, though, I did something else to confirm that, too.  Y'all have probably heard me blathering on about the wonders of Mambo.  For those who have been lucky enough to miss out, it's an open source content management system for websites.  A framework to help make your site run smoothly.  I've designed several sites using Mambo recently.  In the process, I managed to put together some useful 'tools' for doing so in Adobe GoLive.  Two days ago I took those tools, zipped them up, and opened up a project on Mambo Forge, the developer's website for all things Mambo.  In the last 48 hours, they've been downloaded 119 times, and I've gotten nearly a dozen thank you notes from folks who are using them all over the world. :)  Total strangers who took the time to drop me a note.  How cool is THAT?

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